Accessories designer: Rūta Piekurienė
Handmade accessories by „Ruty Design” MB "Meno akcentai"

Email: ruta@ruty.lt 
Company code: 304940336
Bank account: LT63 7044 0600 0825 5022
Address: Paribio 30a-11
  Vilnius, Lithuania. Postal code (ZIP) 08103

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My first acquaintance with neck accessories started in my early childhood, playing in my dad's closet and making different knot combinations from the neckties and bow ties I could find. After I grew up and started experimenting with jewellery for myself, I finally realized that this solution is also great for men – the true and legitimate necktie carriers. So, I created the first Hopper tie and gave it to my husband. That's how the journey of a completely new male accessory started.

Combining traditional tie and bow tie elements, the exclusive accessory has become an original style detail, not only when dressing up for celebrations, but also for highlighting everyday style. Hopper tie looks great without tightening the adjusting strip and looks best without rising it above the collar line. Another thing we are so happy about is that today our Hopper tie fits everyone: men, women and kids.

Rūta Piekurienė owner and creator of Ruty Design.

Hopper tie, Rūta Piekurienė at exposition, Ruty Design